Doing things differently

My first car show was at a large event in northern Nebraska. Hundreds of cars were entered and the streets were packed. People had come from all over to show off their rides. I have been around cars all my life, but this was the first time I had entered my car in a show. As you can imagine, I had no real idea what to expect as an entrant.

As I roamed around the show field, I was in awe of all the work and expense that my fellow competitors had poured into their cars. As the day wore on, I was eager to see how my lightly modified 1965 Mustang Coupe would fare in judging and learn some areas that could be improved for the next show.

Unfortunately, I left that day without any more knowledge than when I arrived that day. I don’t want anyone to have that experience at our show. I want everyone to have a great experience and to leave feeling like the choice they made to come to our show was a good one.

That’s why we have structured our show differently. We encourage you to talk to our judges as they look at your car. Your car is it’s only competitor. Our judges will record a score for each of six areas; Trunk or Bed, Interior, Wheels, Undercarriage, Exterior, and Engine. Those scores will be tallied and your score will be measured against set scores for each of three categories; Gold, Silver, or Bronze. If you have a Gold quality car you will receive a Gold trophy. It won’t matter if there are seven other Gold cars in your class. After the event is over we will send you a copy of your score sheet that way you can see what areas to focus on for the next show.

Looking forward to seeing you on show day!

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